About Us

Farming and Rural Business advice from Richard RamptonRural Advice Ltd was set up by Richard Rampton whose whole business career has been devoted to providing Farming and Rural Business advice and management technics.  He has managed farms (in England and Australia); he has taught farm business management (at colleges and university) and he has been an adviser and consultant to farms, rural business and local governments (in East Anglia and Surrey as well as Russia and eastern Europe). Among his strengths are:
  • Understanding farm and rural businesses: their objectives, their issues and their potential.
  • An ability to empathise with farmers and rural business people and to encourage them to ever-increasing aspirations and performance.
  • Perceptive analysis of business strengths, weaknesses and execution that produces answers to problems.
  • A positive, persuasive, no-nonsense approach
RuralAdvice Ltd also  harnesses the skills and experience of respected experts in their field who can provide a cohesive and wide knowledge base aimed at helping small businesses deal professionally with a whole spectrum of issues.  This group is also a unique resource that is there to advise and support public bodies in their quest for growth in the rural economy.